Slimlyse - Anti-cellulite Gel

Picture of Slimlyse - Anti-cellulite Gel
This slimming gel contains highly concentrated active ingredients acting on the dissolution of fat. Supplemented by a cocktail of plant extracts with circulatory and draining properties, this non-greasy gel is absorbed quickly and does not adhere to the skin.

69,00 лв.

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- Slims the silhouette by promoting the decrease in the fat storage.

- Significantly improves the quality and appearance of the skin

- Promotes skin microcirculation by vasodilatation.

- Promotes drainage and therefore the discharge of the water excess and metabolic waste

- Restores to the skin its elasticity, flexibility and suppleness



Apply every night for at least for two weeks, a suitable dose of product
on the areas to treat. Massage with circular movements from the bottom up.

Capacity 130 ml - airless